Congratulations Mr Vice President

Today, as I lens through my blurred childhood memory around 1985, on one evening, I could recall my maternal uncles were talking “Today, we have Venkaiah Naidu’s meeting at Malkajgiri (Hyderabad). We have to attend his meeting without fail and listen to his fluent speech”. This was where M. Venkaiah Naidu caught my attention for the first time. Since then, I kept on observing him within my reach with stretch.
  1. Dedication to serve the people: He has been “everybody’s man”. Irrespective of party, cadre, and state, he has been serving people with utmost dedication especially when the people are going through troubles. There were so many occasions where he served people with ethos taking end to end responsibility. 
  2. Discipline: He has been disciplined party worker and served his party with discipline even when the survival of his party appeared bleak for several years. He always shared his party’s stand with courage. I could never witness a situation where his views were different than that of his party. Probably, he must have fought within his party while shaping the party’s stand.
  3. Determination: He showed determination to the party’s core agenda and acted as an excellent worker. He clearly connected country, party and the people at the sensible and complex situations. In my view, he never showed interest to chair any powered positions. Instead, he showed interest to serve the cause.  Power has bestowed on him as India needed an honest and sensible man who can handle complex jobs with determination, honesty and collaboration. 
  4. Dynamism: Even though he is 68 years old, age was never seen in his posture ever. He acted with dynamism for every noble cause he has been treading through. He picked up such fundamental noble causes that he only could act upon and serve our country.
Today, when I look at the journey of Mr. Venkaiah Naidu where the origin of his trajectory started as farmer’s son and now trending towards India's Vice president’s office, I could feel that he is clear amalgamate of 4 Ds (Dedication, Discipline, Determination and Dynamism) .

Hearty congratulations Mr Vice President(elect)!. India needs loyal and sincere workers like you who has clarity in thought and can act with ethical ethos when tasked with complex and sensible jobs...